Whether you’re just starting out fresh or are already experienced with regular sex toys, delving into the world of vibrators can be an intimidating and daunting process. There’s so much variation in the non vibrating categories already, and when you add vibration to the mix, things start to get overwhelming. Should you go small and discreet with a bullet vibe or heavy and intense with a rabbit vibrator? Will you focus on G-Spot stimulation or try something a little more adventurous and go for an anal vibrator instead? You can even venture into more kinky territory with sneaky vibrating panties. With such a wide variety to choose from, it’s best to review each type of vibrator that you or your partner could be interested in and really educate yourself before you make the decision to commit.


The basics of the basics, dildos are there for anyone that’s looking to start out small or just likes the straightforwardness that comes with them. Thick or thin, long or short, glass or metal, smooth or bumpy, double ended or suction cup ended–with so much variation, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a dildo that fits your style and needs. Still, while they all do come in different sizes, shapes, and textures, there is one thing about dildos that stays constant: the fact that they don’t vibrate. When vibration is added, a simple dildo turns into a vibrator, and that’s when things really start to get varied.


A dildo can help break the surface of the sex toy world. If you’re unsure about using anything else, getting yourself a dildo will help you loosen up and become relaxed enough to step a little further and try something new. Dildos never get too complicated or stray from the fact that they’re essentially just fake penises. While some may not look like a penis, the functionality is the same, so you can be familiar and comfortable. You’ll always know what you’re getting. The fancy functions and additions that come with vibrators aren’t required for pleasure; dildos can give you their own special kind of good time all on their own with no unnecessary fuss. Even still, for those that aren’t impressed, there is a wide enough variety to keep you entertained. People without penises will especially love strap-on dildos, which allow them to pleasure their partner in a way that they normally couldn’t. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try a double ended dildo on yourself for some solo double penetration or give your partner a dildo to use next to their real one for a more thorough experience.


While simplicity is good, it’s not always the most exciting. Regular dildos can get repetitive; you might need more than one to keep feeling that spice that they can bring to your sex life. Also, like always, penetration isn’t always guaranteed to cause an orgasm. A dildo alone might not be enough.

Best Dildo:

For something a little more unique in your dildo searching needs, try out the Icicles No 8 Ribbed Glass dildo. Sleek and smooth, it almost doubles as a work of art thanks to its stunning blue spiral in the center and pearlescent finish. The ribbed design provides textured pleasure that rubs in all of the right places, and since it’s glass, it’s easy to clean up afterwards.

G-Spot Vibrators

For those that just need a little extra help getting in touch with themselves, G-Spot vibrators are perfect. The G-Spot is a special little area that hides anywhere from one to three inches on the front wall of the vagina and is usually the cause of vaginal ejaculation (squirting). It can be a little tricky to find on your own, but not for these specially made toys. G-Spot Vibrators are designed to curve at the end to make finding your or your partner’s most pleasurable spot a cinch.


If you’re trying to really discover everything you can about your body, these vibes are there to help you along the way. Getting to know exactly where your G-Spot is and how to pleasure it will keep you more in tune with yourself and better all of your future sexual encounters. While you can find your G-spot with a little bit of searching with your fingers, G-spot vibrators make the process much easier. With a longer reach, better angle, and curved tip, you should be finding yours in no time with the help of one of these. Another search can also be solved with these toys: the search for vaginal ejaculation. Proper use of a G-Spot vibrator will make these come almost easily, so get ready for more intense orgasms than ever before! On a related note, most G-Spot vibrators come with multiple levels of vibration intensity, which is essential when dealing with such a sensitive area.


It can take a little time to get used to using a G-Spot vibrator. A heavier pressure needs to be used since the tissue surrounding the spot is more dense than other areas and though it does make finding the spot easier, you will still have to spend a little time searching. Also, because the G-Spot is so sensitive, higher levels of vibration might be too overstimulating at first, and even painful. You’ll have to be careful the first few times to really figure out just how much you can handle. At the same time, most pure G-Spot Vibrators are smaller and thinner than a regular sex toy, so you may have to get a combo with another type if you want a more fulfilling experience. A final note of caution: as mentioned before, G-Spot stimulation can lead to squirting. While this is not a bad thing at all, it can come as a messy surprise for those that aren’t prepared for it. Set out some extra towels, maybe, before you try one out.

Best G-Spot Vibrator:

To test out a new G-Spot vibrator for yourself without getting too caught up in variations or specifics, try the Je Joue Uma! Powerful G-Spot Vibrator. With a gentle rounded tip, comfortable handle, and a C-shape to easily find and stimulate the G-Spot, it’s perfect for beginners to really get the hang of using. Five intensifying speeds from one well placed button will have you turning either yourself or your partner into a sensitive puddle of pleasure.

Rabbit Vibrators:

Designed to cater to the most sensitive spot of the vagina, rabbit vibrators come equipped with an extra attachment in front of the standard shaft to stimulate the clitoris. Originally, they were sex toys made to look like cute animals in the face of Japan’s harsh sex toy restrictions, but have since grown more popular and accepted. Most still keep the appearance of rabbit ears on their clitoral stimulators, so the name has stayed the same. That’s about it, though–as one of the most popular sex toys, rabbit vibrators are often varied and improved to cater to everyones unique tastes.


The rabbit ear clitoral stimulator attachments are designed to perfectly fit right up against your or your partner’s clitoris during use. Since the clitoris is an organ specifically designed to receive pleasure, that’s kind of a big deal. Because of this, rabbit vibrators are largely responsible for helping many people discover blended orgasms. These are actually two or more separate orgasms that happen at the same time: a clitoral orgasm as well as a vaginal or G-Spot orgasm. Most rabbit vibes also have separate controls for both the shaft and the rabbit attachment, allowing you to customize your experience to suit your needs and intensify your pleasure. High powered motors and vibrating pearls inside the shafts give rabbit vibes a unique and powerful kind of vibration unlike any other.


The rabbit attachments do come with their inconveniences; they make the vibrators bigger and bulkier than most, so they take up more space than usual when storing them. Also, while rechargeable batteries are becoming more popular, most rabbit vibes don’t carry them, so you may wind up paying more than you originally intended to. Their motors fall into a similar category: quiet motors are becoming more and more mainstream, but they’re not implemented by default so it can be tricky to use a powerful vibrator like a rabbit if you’re in a full house. Like G-Spot vibes, for first time vibrator users, a rabbit vibrator might be too over stimulating, even at the lowest setting. It’s best to learn what you or your partner can handle before making the commitment to buy such an intense sex toy.

Best Rabbit Vibrator:

If you’d just like to test the waters with a new vibrator, try your hand at the Lovehoney Slimline Silicone Oh! Rabbit Vibrator. Waterproof and made from soft silicone, its sleek and simple design will leave you satisfied with your introduction to the rabbit vibe world. The shaft is equipped with three speeds, the ears get seven, and both are able to be independently controlled, giving you complete customization of your own pleasure.

Bullet Vibrators

If you’re looking for something small but powerful, the bullet vibrator is a category you’ll want to look into. Bullet vibes are petite; these little pleasure givers never exceed more than a couple of inches. Their size is far from a weakness, though, as there’s a lot of punch all bottled up inside of them. These vibrators are well known to be the cause of many an intense orgasm, all while being so small that they can be brought along almost anywhere with everyone else being none the wiser.


Bullet vibes are perfectly travel sized to fit in your purse for when you can’t take bulkier sex toys with you. They’re also much easier to hide if you’re paranoid about anyone finding out about your interest in sex toys. Because of their small size, they’re also cheaper than most other vibrators on the market–and they certainly aren’t lacking in their capabilities despite it. Besides being used on the clitoris, bullet vibes can be used in a myriad of other ways that you can discover for yourself. Try using them all over your body to discover new sensitive areas and figure out what works for you. Combine them with other sex toys–many butt plugs, for example, have a space in the base for a bullet vibrator to be inserted to increase their experience. Don’t make the mistake that these little vibes are only good for vagina people either; everyone has sensitive areas that can be pleasured with a little bit of vibration.


A common misconception people have is that vibrators can be inserted into the vagina or anus and left there for secret pleasure–and while this is true for some types of vibrators, for most it is not. Only bullet vibes with cords attached should be inserted fully so they can be safely pulled out and cleaned. On that note, however, the cords and remotes for these kinds of bullet vibrators can get in the way. Many people wrap theirs into a condom before putting them inside, but that can still feel awkward and uncomfortable. If you’re not planning on inserting your bullet vibe, you will still have to hold it in your hand, and direct contact with the vibration for prolonged periods of time can make your fingers numb. With the addition of lube to make the bullet vibe slippery, they can get a little bit tricky to hold on to. Apart from all of the technical stuff, the fact remains that while their size largely works to their advantage, there is always the simple inconvenience of them getting lost. Accidents happen, like when you put a pen down and then can’t find it a minute later–except with a sex toy. Be careful.

Best Bullet Vibrator:

The name “bullet vibrator” just sounds cool, so why not try out a cool looking one? The Rocks Off Ammunition RO-160mm 10 Function Erotic Ink bullet vibrator gives aesthetic attraction with it’s beautiful tattoo-inspired artwork. Sleek and metallic, this bullet vibe just needs a dash of water-based lube to get going with its three speeds and seven patterns of pleasure.

Anal Vibrators

When talking about sex things and butt stuff, it’s not often that anal vibrators come up into the conversation. People are usually preoccupied by the more popular plugs and anal beads, so these little vibrating gems get left out. A huge mistake, obviously, as the anus is full of sensitive nerves. As such, your anus should never be left out when it comes to the pleasures of vibration. As most regular vibrators aren’t meant for anal insertion, getting one specifically made for anal play is a good idea. Like most anal toys, these vibes come with a tapered end for easy insertion and a wide base to avoid it getting stuck.


If you’re a beginner with anal play, it might actually be better to start with an anal vibrator than a regular anal dildo, as the extra stimulation may help relax you even more and make any discomfort fade quickly. The gentle buzz of the lower levels of vibration will make your journey into anal play all that more enjoyable. If you’re already experienced with anal play, adding vibration to the mix can only improve your experiences. Anal vibrators add adventure to the already adventurous acts. Another example: double penetration. What’s better than having one vibrator inside one hole? Having two vibrators in two holes. With vibes specifically made for each entrance, you’ll be one step closer to a custom-tailored experience of ecstasy. Of course, anal vibes are great sex toys for those with prostates as well. An already intense pleasure when stimulated normally will escalate into a quick orgasm with the help of a little vibration.


You’ll have to be careful; anal isn’t immediately everyone’s cup of tea, and while gentle vibration will help break the ice, too much all at once for the first time can be overstimulating, just like with other toys. Stay on the lower levels until you’re used to the feeling. Like with all anal play, use plenty of lube and go slow to avoid discomfort.

Best Anal Vibrator:

Once you buy your first anal vibrator, you’ll want to get yourself ready for the long run of exploring this new kind of pleasure, so try out an inflatable plug. The Lovehoney Inflatable Multispeed Vibrating Butt Plug is small enough when not inflated that it can be inserted with ease and multiple vibration speeds will get you used to the feeling. When you’re ready for more, inflate the plug with the attached hand pump to test your limits and see just how much you can handle. With this inflatable plug, you really can go big or go home–either inflate it all the way, or hit the quick release valve if it becomes too much and have it deflate immediately.

Vibrating Panties:

They might sound intense–like panties full of wires that vibrate all at once–but really, vibrating panties are much simpler than that. They’re simply cute lingerie with a handy little pocket that’s perfectly positioned by the clitoris. Slip a bullet vibe into your vibrating panties and let it do the work for you, leaving you hands free and completely innocent looking.


Comfortable and sexy, these vibrating panties double as lingerie. Surprise your partner with a cute little striptease, but stop before taking these off and give them the remote as a little present. As they need to stay on to work, vibrating panties are great for those that lack the confidence to go full nude, or just like sex better with clothes on. Wear them around the house to keep yourself buzzed all day, or give the remote to your partner for pleasant surprises throughout the day. The vibes are small and discreet enough that you can wear these panties out anywhere too, making them perfect for all of the secret exhibitionists out there. Wear them to work, to the store, and out on general errands and flush with the knowledge that you’re melting in your panties without anyone else noticing. The thrill of almost getting caught will become a daily excitement with enough practice. Whether you’re having a special day at home with your partner or teasing yourself solo, these can be worn anywhere and anywhen you want.


While they are discreet enough on their own, it can be tricky if you’re wearing your vibrating panties out in public and need to turn the vibe off. If you don’t have the remote with you, it’ll be one awkward trip to the bathroom, so judge your timing wisely. If you do have a remote, the problem of distance arrives to take first place. The vibes will have a limited range, so if you give it to your partner for a little bit of teasing throughout the day, make sure that you stay close enough that their attempts at giving you pleasure will actually work. Make sure you don’t become so attached to these vibrating panties that you completely ruin them, too; as good as they might feel, no one wants to sit in dirtied panties for too long. Lastly, a very important reminder that while these vibrating panties will make your inner exhibitionist tingle with joy, the thrill of being caught should also be a real worry to pay attention to. Remember, kids: your kinks do not give you the right to make the people around you uncomfortable.

Best Vibrating Panties:

Of course, looks are important when choosing any lingerie, so try out the Secrets Remote Control 5 Function Vibrating Panties. Cute, lacy, and dark, these boyshorts will have you feeling both comfortable and sexy while you wear them. The vibe is contoured to hug your curves and provide total pleasure with each of its five powerful vibration modes.